Full Moon at the House of Pain

Sep 23, 2008, 11:48 PM |

Sixteen players came to Fight this Tuesday Night. The top half clubbed the bottom half in the first round, with the break being between Zimmy (1647) and Eric Lu (1521), a difference of 126 points. Samuel drew with Gautam Narula (1778), while Benjamin Moon upset #1 seed Alan Piper (2082). Ben hit the Pipe so hard he knocked him out of the tournament! Only five players availed themselves of the free gift half point bye in the last round, a low, for the TNF, 31%. In the last round Joe Moon, the #2 seed, beat Longshot Larry Johnson, while his little brother, Ben, beat Gautam Narula. The Moon brothers therefore tied for first, winning $22 each. Eric Lu beat Alex Foster (1053) in rd 2 and Michael Coney (1205) in rd 3 to take home $21 for the U1600 prize. I want you to consider, for a moment, the fact that Longshot Larry, Zimmy, with a half point bye in the last round, and Ananya Roy (1661), all finished with a score of 2-1, the same as Mr Lu, but went home empty handed simply because their ratings are higher than his. They played stronger competition, too. Does this make sense to you? If so, please leave a comment explaining why...Terry Krohe (961) took home $12 by losing to Ananya Roy, Nick Nikley (1445), and beating Alex Foster. At least none of the players taking a half point bye in the last round won money!
Ben Moon was the big rating winner with an increase of 34 points and a PR of 2158, only a few points behind his brother's 2224. "Woody", aka Terry Krohe, performed like a real chess player, with a PR of 1253, and gained 26 points on his push to become a quadruple digit player! He is now only 13 points away from the big day!