The St. Louis Chess Club & Scholastic Center

May 31, 2009, 11:30 AM |

Upon entering the St Louis Chess Club & Scholastic Center, I thought of what Dr Karl Burger said about the Grove Park Inn, where the first Land of the Sky tourney was played, "I've played all over the world and this is the most opulent place I've ever played!"
I urge all to pay at least one visit to this wonderful place! It must be seen to be believed!
I would like to also say the staff showed me every courtesy, especially Nick Heard, who told me I had to say this. Just kidding, Nick! Seriously, these wonderful people could not have treated me any better. Tony, Matt, Chris, (and I must be leaving someone out, as it's a large staff), I thank you!
I visited the Nashville Chess Center before, and after, going to St Louis. The NCC is a little known wonder! Like the St Louis Club, it is, when it comes to clean, immaculate! Thanks to my friend, FM Todd Andrews, for his hospitality.
An idea...I would like to see a tournament scheduled at each club on following weekends so players can plan a vacation and visit, and play, in both!