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Re: Pulled: North American Youth no Monroi permitted as timesheet

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by tanstaafl

Your post, below, was pulled because it was off-topic. As noted in the thread, the MonRoi could be used in the tournament, but not as a scorekeeping device. Concerns about "cheating" don't pertain to the discussion, in this particular case -- because the device in question was STILL allowed. The complaint is that it makes no sense to allow the device (which would seem to imply that the organizer wasn't concerned about people cheating with it) but not count it as a scoresheet.
My BaconLOG entry was about the how fair it is to allow the wealthy, who can afford this expensive device, to gain a possible advantage over those who cannot. I included the question posed by my friend Michael Decker, a former Georgia Champion, who no longer plays chess, and has never even seen the device, concerning the possibility of using the device for cheating because I find it pertinent to the overall question of whether or not this device should be allowed.
Michael Bacon
Those wishing to read more on the subject will have to go to the Kentucky Chess Assoc website (, and read the forum, where it has not been pulled.