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Nadias blog and pics

Nadias blog and pics

Dec 19, 2015, 7:06 AM 11

Hi, welcome to my blog!



Daily prayer and wisdom: "May your belly never grumble, may your clutch never break. May Your Ride Never Tumble, may Your Rear Never Ache wink.png *Biker Prayer* God bless all Bikers.


I love chess and motorbikes.

my motorbikeheroine - my protagonist, Letizia Marchetti, she is fantastic! beating all the superbike-guys! Laughing Letizia: "It will not be easy to win, against talented, young, punchy racers. I do not have any target, but I want to be between the protagonists".


.....and my other heroine, Shelina Moreda, motivates me a lot. She says: "I race every kind of motorcycle I can get my hands on. From Harleys to Electric motorcycles & from the USA to Qatar!". Shelina is awesome, I admire her!

....and look at Shelinas baseball cap in this video (i was born in Norway ;)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkBViOWfXC4  


.....and of course my highest heroine of all, Judit Polgár: she is and was awesome! Judit has defeated eleven current or former world malechampions in either rapid or classical chess! ....I am a big admire of her achievements!


........some more about me:

* my first name is Nadia (Nadezdha (Надежда) in russian - which means "hope" :)) 

* i am a modern, intelligent and independent female "warrior" Wink

* why "Nadia no no no"? The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me....!

* For time being i am living with Miriam in my apartment in Copenhagen. She is, like me, a student and she has some time ago started to play chess! She's a fast learner! Laughing 

* I have read about "Lesbian utopia"

* I am a modern feminist, and i believe in real love and marriage between woman and man, but also woman/woman and man/man are natural of course. 

Quote from Zooey Deschane:

* I learned chess from my two older brothers.they also taught me a lot of other things in life. i have played chess since i was 9.

* I have a lot of interests; my friends and chess of course, motorcycles (i got my first motorcycle when i was 12), fitness and sports, music, reading and foodmaking.

* I study at CBS in Copenhagen. 

* my mom is swedish (but she was born in Norway as my daddy). my daddy lives in Thailand and also in France.

* I have a cat. his name is David (named after David Bowie).

I wish you a great day!

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.....like on my BMW G650GS


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