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I ♥ TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ♥ TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 17, 2009, 8:04 PM 5

TXVQ, DBSK, THSK. Whatever you wanna call 'em, they're still the hottest band in Asia. With over 80 million fans in their fanclub (and those are just the official members) it's obvious that their group name was chosen PRECISELY.

The acronyms TVXQ stand for Tong Vfan Xin Qi (Chinese), DBSK: Dong Ban Shin Ki (Korean), and THSK: Tohoshinki (Japanese). Translated to English, they all mean Rising Gods of the East.

 Now, I know most of you people have never heard of them, but you should have SEEN the crowd at the 2008 Hollywood Bowl -- not that I went, but, you know, it's called fancam-- THEIR FANS GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY FOR THEM!!

What sets them apart from the rest? Honestly, I have no clue. It might their boyish charm, their ruggedly good looks (except for Hero, he's just too PRETTY!!! -- you didn't here it from me though), or maybe even their angelic voices that can hit notes like no other person ever could, can, or will.

I'm not sure, but the one and only thing I know is 100% right, whenever these uniquely different, yet amazing boys --excuse me, I mean men-- get together and perform for their ADORING fans, it's just waaaaaaayy too awesome for words.

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