I am Dadda

Dec 4, 2007, 2:47 AM |

Being a Dad is one of the most daunting callings in life. At times I don't fully appreciate the expectations my kids have for me.

My kids watched me resign a game on chess.com the other day. They asked me what happened, and I told them I had lost a game of chess. No big deal for me, I watch myself lose everyday. But my kids have never seen me lose a game of chess.

I beat all their uncles, I beat all their friends. Hell.. I don't think they've even seen me be really challenged. And in their eyes the people they have watched me play represent the world's toughest competition for just about anything.

I can't express to you the bewilderment I saw in my 7 year old's eyes as I explained that this wasn't my first loss on chess.com. My children had questions, they wanted to understand how this could happen.

I had to reach back into my own childhood and remember how my dad was superman. Even if I saw my dad lose at something... there was a reason. When his basketball team lost the city league championship it was because his teammates didn't pull their weight. My dad never used excuses, but I supplied them for him. My dad could never lose at anything.

Knowing the esteem they hold for me, it is a tough thing to live up to. But even harder to fathom is the knowledge that some day they will come to learn of my weaknesses, and to think of the disappointment they may experience.

Perhaps I ought to just have them talk to my mother in law about me and get it all over with now. 

The following is one of those I AM DADDA moments with a coworker, who for some reason has been able to give me fits with his unorthodox style. The first move was not easy for me to find. I'm not sure it's strongest, but I think it sets black the most problems.

A nice win for me. Once I found the line, the attack simply flowed.