K+N+B vs K

Oct 10, 2007, 11:47 PM |

My damn fridge went out this week.

It was a good fridge. It was cold. The freezer was really cold. It kept my eats cold. I wanted my eats cold and my fridge would keep it cold. It was a good fridge.

It is now a damn fridge. It doesn't keep my eats cold anymore.

You see.. that is how it works. My kids are good kids, for the most part... until they don't do what I ask of them.. then they become damn kids. Or.. more correctly, my wife's damn kids.

I love my kids. I loved my good fridge. I still have good kids.. I no longer have a good fridge.

I have a damn fridge.

So I bought me a good fridge. Now I have a good fridge again in my kitchen, and I have a damn fridge in my garage.

This brings me to my current blog topic. K+N+B vs K. This is an absolutely maddening ending. There is a way to force mate. If you haven't tried it.. try it. It will turn a sunny day cloudy in a hurry, I promise. It is all the more maddening knowing there is a way to do it.

I tried this ending more times than I can remember, just for fun. You know... kind of like lighting your toes on fire... just for fun.

I finally did it. It took me forever (and many more than the 10 moves i'm posting here.. i've washed it down for you to see the "useful moves"). But I finally mated a computer. There are resources where you can learn how to mate with Knight Bishop and King... but I highly recommend taking a few years off your life studying the ending before learning the correct way. It builds character. Hahahaha...