Can't you stand to lose?

Does losing get on your nerve; obivously it does. Actually, I also don't like losing. If you wanted a choice: winning the game or losing the game, what will you pick? Most players will pick "winning the game", but a few people pick "losing the game". Why is that?

1. You'll have to lose hundreds, or even thousands of games to actually get better, like other chess masters.

2. A lot of people has a old saying "You learn more from your losses". But what osses? The exciting ones of course. You'll never learn from "ugly games".

3. Can't you stand to lose if you play chess? No! If you win all the time, you'll STILL learn, but not as much.

This is only my point of view. Its okay if you want to object, because actually, you still have to keep the balance of winning and losing.


  • 5 years ago


    I would choose to capture the king within 15 or so moves.

    if I have to wipe out the entire army its somewhat a peeric victory & doesn't say much for my stratigic skills

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