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Sicilian: The special opening Part I (Wing Gambit)

Sicilian: The special opening Part I (Wing Gambit)

Oct 7, 2011, 7:31 AM 0

How DO we play the Sicilian? Do you know how much openings you can play with the Sicilian? Do you see your opponent moving 1...c5 and you don't know want to do? All of those questions are usually said by chess players 0 (if there even is one!) to 1500. Here is a list of gambits that used as surprise attacks, traps, and positional play.

Wing Gambit


This gambit wasn't very popular with the chess masters, but believe it or not:for a few masters its used as a surprise weapon! After cxb4, White can play 3.d4 or 3.a3, along with a drawn advantage; Black has won a pawn but hard to defend on his position.

There is a game that does use this in a game. It was used by Sergio Mariotti in 1977.


(Be sure to use Java on there, my computer wouldn't work on the game.) 

You can use the Wing Gambit in any game so you can surprise your opponent! However, remember your opponent can DECLINE your gambit. After that, you might want to think if you want to take the Black c pawn. It can be a blunder or a good move!

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