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How I got to know chess

Mar 9, 2008, 4:22 PM 2
First off when I was 8 (Smile lucky me!) I learned how to play chess from my brother but this only involved knowing how to move the pieces and I would always challenge him but every time I would lose.Frown Yet for two years I would always challenge him and try to wrap my head around how he beat me(shows my fighting spiritCool).This is because at ten I beat him once and only once so I had accomplished my goal.I think that he would have a rating of 1300 if he did. Now when I was 14 I started to want to learn how to beat my brother on a regular basis so I started again, shortly after I learned about chess.com and learned much. Wham!! I beat him!! I was so happy but woe is me, for everytime I beat him he only got stronger and I couldn't beat him again.Cry. He's goes to college so every few weeks so I get to challenge him but this vicious cycle continues anyideas?

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