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People having to resign!

Oct 9, 2010, 12:06 PM 1

Hi my name is Chynna and i would like to know if anyone has ever been in challange and had to resign i just got done with one! And yet people don't understand the feeling humas have when they are human too! I am mad i was just trying to be nice saying like how was your day? Are u new to chess.com but ' why are u asking me those questions'! Now do you understand why i am angry and i think we people who had to resign because we could not make a move to pick our chins up and hopefully pick our self's up and fight for what we belive in and if you have any commets please let me know as soon as possiable or even if u are aginst the term thank you for your time!     -Chynna :) P.S. if you have any question on chess or how to play i am a coach i hope i can help you! ;)

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