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The clam variation

Jul 3, 2012, 4:15 AM 2

Hi. I am an intermediate chess player. One of the openings I like to play with is the clam. So i was hoping to start a blog dedicated to the opening. The main line is actually e4 e5 d3 nf6 but this opening also works against all the other major defenses such as the Sicilian, caro kann, Scandinavian, parc and the French as well. Since this is my first blog I will just give you the main line. Some sample games will be included in the next. The main line- e4 e5 d3 nf6 nf3 nc6 be2 bb4+ c3 be7 c4 0-0 0-0 d6 bd2 nd4 nd4 ed4 na3 c6 qb3 qc7 f4 bg4 bf3 rf3 nd7 rg3 qb6 qc2 Rfe8 b4 bf6 and qd1

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