From my eyes only

Apr 21, 2008, 12:29 AM |

I play the game for fun and santity.  I mentioned fun first because when it becomes less than fun it is time to sign off.  Several notions have occurred to me about ratings on this site.  It could be a part of the nature of things that higher is better -- and the higher your chess rating the more intelligent you are.  Pop!  the bubble burst -- it's not true.  You may have aquired a better understanding of the game and a three dimentional perspective of the squares.  Whoopi!  It is a funtion of the time you are willing to invest to become an accomplished player in your own mind. 

So what's the point?  Well here's my beef.  On this site -- and maybe across the board there are those more concerned with their rating ( in points) than finding joy in playing the game.  Tonight I accepted a challenge from a new member to -- rated 1200 like we all started out.  I didn't know the player or what to expect.  After 25 moves it is still a toss up.  But given a coice I will always bet on me.  A funny thing happened during the evening.  My opponents moves became less frequent  Then, after checking, I found that he had eight other games in progress with 2000+ players.  Understandably he was bogged down on other moves.  Thats's fine and normal.  I notioced that many of the players he had games with were the same that rejected my challenge with an "Ooops, this player only plays those with ratings of 2000 or above.  As it turns out my opponent has a FIDE rating of 2365.  Is that why all the 2000+ stepped up to play -- maybe.  Win or lose you're in a game.  Ooops sounds like a burp from a jellyfish to me.  How about this Ooops, bust a move.  I'll challenge all of the 2000+ players to step up to a game.  But true to my word -- any level will do.  Is there anyone out there with a spine and a ribcage?  Follow the thread -- I'll meet you there.