The Thirteenth Move

Apr 9, 2012, 5:31 AM |

I was not happy with my thirteenth move in the first game. I had a choice between 13...f6 and 13...Nf6. I had played 13...Nf6 because it threatened the enemy Queen. But I felt terribly uncomfortable after playing it. Imagine my delight when my opponent allowed me to pull off a back-rank mate!


After the game my opponent claimed that he was distracted toward the end. He did not tell me what he was distracted by, but requested a rematch. I agreed with two conditions: a) that we play the same colors again, and b) that our first twelve moves, and his thirteenth move, remain the same. I wanted to try 13...f6 this time. It was agreed.


Even after the second game, I thought we both could have played much better. However, my opponent has left without any comments. He seemed to have a terrible headache.


Below are both games. 


First game (13...Nf6):


Second game (13...f6):


Do let me know what you think.

Many thanks.