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Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #15

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms #15

Nov 27, 2015, 8:07 AM 0

Chess Wisdom and Aphorisms.  #15.

In Chess - ‘Remember simple systems as White against standard openings by Black.’

Hello Chess friends.  I would like to show you two games by two top masters today.  Each game had one thing in common.  A simple and memorable system by White against a standard opening by Black.  The first is GM Nakamura as White playing a dazzlingly clear system against the Centre Counter defence to 1.e4 and the second game is GM Morozevich as White playing a clever system with sacrificial opportunities against the Dutch Defence.  I include these games because as all 1700 chess players know, these are the only two systems that ever give any White player any problems.  Both systems as Black strike immediately against White’s centre.  Not to do so is to make the historical error in chess.  Namely that there is a contest between Classical and Hypermodern systems.  When Black players play the Sicilian 1...c5 the usual response from 1.e4 players is, ‘no trouble here’.  White just plays the Grand Prix attack and if Black does not know how to play against this they are  already in trouble for wasting a move on the Queenside.  The Dutch and Centre Counter are of course hyper modern responses by Black.  So enjoy these two games.  Above all remember their clarity with dealing with these two effective openings by Black. 

 First a game against the Centre Counter

Second, a game against the Dutch Defence.


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