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Rapid Chess Improvement

Jul 18, 2011, 5:02 PM 4

For all those who want to know whether or not the Rapid Chess Improvement instructions in the book by Micahel De la Maza works take it from me so far it has. De la Maza's book has helped me to play chess with more speed with his "how to think" method. Something at one time I didn't believe I'd be able to do effienctly; I played so well during a blitz match in my local chess tournament I impressed myself! ( By the way I won first place in that tournament.) Me being a serious adult player (I'm twenty-seven) I was glad to find De La Maza's book which aimed at improving players strengths who are adults and are tired of losing game after game. De La Maza's approach towards improvement centers around learning chess tactics. De la Maza reccomends solving 1,209 chess tactic puzzles on the computer program CT-ART 3.0 seven times at varying decreased times to solve; he calls the process Seven Circles. It is fun at times to solve these puzzles and extremely difficult other times. Sometimes I felt I needed two brains for some of these puzzles! So far I've completed the first circle the remainder I'm going to have to organize my time around a bit more. I hope this blog inspires someone to pick up Rapid Chess Improvment today!

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