They come to Austria

They come to Austria

Aug 24, 2015, 11:56 PM |

This is going to be a blog post which I will update at a moments notice. not for mistakes but for a "I want continue Writing about this" reason.

The topic is of the grunfeld, and possibly a quick look at pirc's defence.

I play the Grunfeld, I like most of the lines, So things do concern me. But these tiffs are not just from me but from theory.

My favorite russian player plays It regularly, Peter Svidler. How I came across him is; when I was studying what my teacher had given me. some games were by him. and though what I was studying was an opening for black (svidler being white) I liked how he planned and executed. So when I looked him up and saw that he played the grunfeld, I took an interest.

Another reason I took an interest in this opening is because of what I was playing against.


The aforementioned position, Is why. The move orders are probably sloppy but this should give a gist of what I mean. The position is kinda slow for white, but he gets in e4 making a pawn duo and I have nothing much to show. not to mention if i play P-Q4, I block my bishop and destroy my queen side development. the position is playable, and tactics should be in the position but I just didn't want to be slowly crushed by a space advantage if I couldn't find counter play.

Here you can play several things of course but d4 stuck out to me.(I'll also occasionally play d6 if I play against someone who uses this a lot.) It's not a matter of brilliance or something like that. I just want to stop e4[dang it!] neither of my bishops are enclosed. I can play c5, Nf6 to rachet the pressure on d4 if necessary. maybe start a kingside attack even, with f5 later. this solved my e4 problem and left me with a "just play and be happy now" attitude.

Next part I will go over the open lines. This was just to give my background and a start. After that (however long that may take) I'll go over what I think are whites best line in meeting or avoiding theory.

One last thing is in pirc's defence.

This opening doesn't look right to me aside from the fact that 6.e5 is a good move which will have it's day in the spot light. it just looks to me like black has a worse benoni.  I believe that white can press for as much as the day is long. However it's a very popular opening it seems. being used by strong players as a surprise weapon. I'll share more of my findings as time comes.

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