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Tournament swindle

Tournament swindle

Jul 22, 2015, 3:32 PM 3

Hello chess friends,

The game I will show you now is a game I had in the last round of a recent tournament I went to. A game which I swindled my way into a draw.

Thank you for your time. chess is a giving and harsh mistress.

I would like to blame my bad play on a storm that came through around the time the game started.

Also, a funny story from this game. After I believe, kd2...? a large boom of thunder hit by the play-site. to which a man that organizes tournaments himself Proclaimed "what a move!" (he was playing the game next to me.) the photo above is of me playing against someone who goes to my chess club. The Photo is not of the game in question, but is a photo from the tournament. My apologies!

Till next time!

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