Aterciopelado grupo de monjes Shaolin

Aterciopelado grupo de monjes Shaolin

Aug 21, 2009, 9:04 PM |

Well. For starters I’m sorry I’m blogging so much. I suppose since I’m not selling anything and the topic is always and always will be the game I should be fine. Worst case scenario you just don’t read. I remember thinking how to get into the whole "watching games" and make it an interactive experience. Well I found it. I initially picked just Bobby Fischer because I figured that if anyone has seen the applicability of games, well it’s him. Then I figured... what about Kasparov. The man is a chess icon. Not just for the pop aspect but mainly on the board, and I suppose some breakthroughs have been made since Fischer’s time so I figured, what the heck lets see both their games. What can I lose? Not a single thing. The plan is simple. I have two note pad files on my desktop that simply say bobby’s world and Gary´s world each of them holding what claims to be their entire collections (who cares if I’m missing some, I don’t). Everyday (weekdays) I randomly cut a game I save the changes, the game is gone never to be seen again. (Claro, I keep a file of the undisturbed collection for them and many others).
There are literally thousands of games. Will I see them all? Who knows who cares? All I really care about is the fact that I’m laying a board out, watching a game like its football (AKA soccer) with Masschester telling me the names of the openings and with the possibility of annotating my own thoughts. No jargon, no real structure just typing what literally comes out of my mouth after the move is made. It’s very fun for me. And believe it or not, I believe that in some subconscious level, very educational. Well not so subconscious. I have stopped fianccetoing like the world was going to end. But I have an excellent mentor to thank for that. The 4 truths I will remember forever. Force, time, pawn structure and I forget. (Or maybe I’m just not telling)

Anyhow that´s what’s going on. The results... well I made it to 1300+ on the face book account I have. I think that’s because my strategy there was to create open challenges for anyone from 600 to whatever my rating was at that moment. On the up side I got challenges from total absolute newbs to evil players on a rut. In average I fared pretty well. But I felt guilty of playing the system. So I rose up the thing and challenged some 1500+ to bring me down to reality. I have to say I did feel good about my effectiveness with weaker players. Here, ( on the other hand, there are so many group challenges and so many dear friends with powerful skill, that I need not do such things. I’m fine at less than 1200. But it’s an evil -1200.

I’m fully at home employed so now I play chess 8 hours a day. Between tactics and here, and mass Chester you would think id be sick of chess... far from it. Its 10:57 and I’m going to stop not because I’m out of junk to say but because there is an English man a Chile dude and a guy from the US mid-battle with me. On this game of games!




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