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blitz chess redux

blitz chess redux

Dec 19, 2009, 2:18 PM 0

For the longest time i had no interest in playing blitz chess. I mean its nerve recking enough having to immerse yourself in the business that is kung fu chess. A time bomb set for 5 minutes as incentive was really something i did not need. I used the FICS to play live games, but only on the 15 min format. Took a while to find a challenger but after like 5 or 7 minutes someone usually showed up. I still had to browse thru the open challenges to see if anyone within my range was displaying my desired time limits. There were few so i played few games.

After starting to play higher rated players here by broadening my search parameters to 200+ ove my rating and finding no shame in defeat by a good fight i figured i would go into the FICS and do some blitz, what the heck, my blitz rating there is 870 or something ridiculous like that. So i play my first game and lose it. Well the game obviously i lost, but more importantly i lost my concentration. The bomb you see makes you lose focus. Plus these are people that use that added pressure as another tool to make opponents hesitate and make stupid mistakes. Crazy opening variants that make you react instead of think. I lost like 6 games in a row to players ranked 1200 in this mode. I was very frustrated but noticed that this was the most consecutive amount of games i played on the FICS ever. Since it takes AGES to find people on 15 weather i win or lose i just want out. Were talking a good 30 minutes for 1 game. Instead with blitz it takes less then a minute for some dude to take up my challenge. And less then10 for the whole ordeal to be over. And by the end of it I'm so pumped up i want to play again.

So today i log on again and blitz for 4 games and lose. I notice tho that my concentration is super sparked up. Its almost like the type of autism face i make when i played racing video games, over a year ago, before chess appeared. I won. I won my first blitz chess game with a 1200 player. I had 23 seconds left on my clock and i checkmated. I stood up and raised my arms and yelled like i had discovered cold fusion. The cool thing is that when i come back to good old 3 day a move chess and the TICKING TIME BOMB factor is taken away i feel so much more focused.

That's my story.


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