End of the month review

Aug 31, 2009, 8:46 PM |

Facebook Chess    : 1211
Chess.com    : 1244
Chess.com Live    : 1079
Cbase        : 1227
Tactics Server    : 1088
FICS        : p1200
ChessMaster    : 1020

Avg: 1153

August was a good month for chess. Well first of all i seem to be playing a lot. Some good some terrible but the overexposure is working. Im also keeping a log of the times ive watched the training videos on openings and im seriously considering getting a book. Not yet tho, too much free stuff going on to jump on the pay train. In any case ill see what september brings. Hopefully health above all. And maybe another HDD... ANyhow here it is. Yeah the photo is me grilling. My other hobbie... well not hobbie because i dont do it as much as this one, but i love to grill.