new year chess-o-elutions

new year chess-o-elutions

Dec 31, 2009, 3:01 PM |

Excercise more

Check the entire board after making my move one to see what the board looks like before i hit submit

play more blitz games at the free chess server thingie i love so much. At least 6 a day.

More tactis server exposure.

stick to d4ing it untill ive seen all possible responses to it

1. e4, c5 it until i know this situations posible outcomes like the palm of my hand.

eat more fruit.

try to watch a chess opening video a week

try to post more game disections here

be playing 30 games here and 20 games at the fb branch of this place

get my chessmaster ranking to something decent. At least 1200

more fiber


Happy new year