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Just One Great Day

Feb 3, 2008, 7:42 PM 1
I am a trucker, so i don't get to watch a lot of the things i'd like to see on tv. this morning, my girlfriend woke me up, and said we had to go and do laundry. ugh!!! but i met a couple of giant fans at the laundramat, and the time just flew. being a native of brooklyn, ny, but now residing in allentown, pa., a lot of the sports stuff i would likr to watch just isn't available on the local cable. today however, the n.y. rangers-montreal canadiens game was the "game of the week," and what a game it was! down 3-0, the rangers came back and won 5-3. and then the super bowl. what else is there to say??? as a guy who was raised in an alcoholic household, who has always harbored a death wish, this was one great day to be alive.

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