Making a full point out of a rather lost position

IM pfren

This is a last roung game I played against a very talented Greek youngster. (yesterday!).

White came out of the opening (a Modern Benoni) with a clear positional advantange.

However, after my bitter experience a couple of rounds earlier (where I spoiled a typical positional edge againσt the Polish IM Butkiewicz while being in severe time pessure, and eventually lost) I decided to play fast, and take advantage of my opponents clock (he was pretty unfamiliar with the opening, despite the fact that the Benoni is his main weapon against 1.d4). This was some sort of revenge, since in the same tournament, last year, I have played against the very same young guy (again with white) and lost in mutual time pressure, after blundering a pawn.

Black is a very good positional player (just 16 years old), and I'm pretty sure he would exploit my tactical blunders in the game, if he had not spent so much time in the opening.

Here is the game- feel free to comment.