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Some Serious Guitar Works You Haven't Heard Before

Some Serious Guitar Works You Haven't Heard Before

Jun 3, 2010, 9:00 AM 32

I'm pretty sure the style, tunes, and technical adjustments on the sound of guitar on these pieces are new to most of you, and these are truly great pieces of music so I thought I'd like to share.

I really would like to learn what you think of these, how do you like each of them? Too unusual? Weird? Interesting? Beautiful?

The first musician is Bilal Karaman, I came across this show while zapping around on TV and then literally begged the channel with an email to share this piece on the internet. The song is originally a Turkish folk song, very differently arranged and edited with the electric guitar.

(link updated thanks to Eiwob)

The second video features Erkan Oğur, the guitarist on the picture at the beginning of this post. He basically invented several string instruments and introduced the fretless guitar in his country. He is mentioned on the wiki page of that instrument. I just love the sad mood in this song.

This third song I found just a few minutes ago while searching around on youtube, and it's in the same category of the 2 pieces above (beautiful guitar work and different from usual western tunes), I'll get more into his music, his name is Cenk Erdoğan.

As I've said in the introduction, I would appreciate your thoughts on these. Thanks & Bye bye!

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