Who is the best -mass player statistics

Apr 27, 2012, 4:56 PM |

What percentage of the players in the world are above 1100?

Are you considered elite if above 1200, or do you have to hit the 1300 mark?

Obviously 1400 is an incredibly good player (from where I'm sitting), I can't imagine it, but that's relative to me.  I'm curious what is truly above average.

Can anyone respond to that. What, for you, is an impossibly good player? For that matter what do you consider a very easy player?  I know that when a player in the 900 range comes along (for a 1 minute game) I am in no way intimidated.  But anyone above 1200 strolls in, my heart starts racing a little. 

 Now on a game where I have a little more time, I’m ok with 1200+ Ranked players.  I like playing he higher players because the payoff is bigger, and the risk lower (since I’m not a high rank player).  Or am I?  That’s the root of this question, what is a “high rank”.  For a very long time I struggled to stay above 1100.  I do a few days of tactical sessions, and I bump up pretty good, but stay around 1200. 


 My guess is that most players are below 1200, maybe someone has found a way to see those types of statistics.