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The start of my journey in Chess

The start of my journey in Chess

Nov 11, 2017, 7:32 AM 0

Before I had used this site, chess had not been a big part of my life. My family and I would only play it during the Christmas season where we'd take out our solitary chess board - caked in dust, use the odd button in place for that missing pawn, and then battle it out to become the greatest champion in the 4 by 6 room which we were in.


 It wasn't until last December when my sister stumbled across an article about Bill Gates and what made him successful. One of the things I heard her say as she read the article aloud, was that Mr Gates played chess. And so... (me being the naive youth I was back then... thinking I could be as cleaver/successful/rich as him) I gave it a shot. 


 Though I'm still kinda rubbish at chess (even after playing it for about 11 months) * looks at my Stats page on Chess.com... facepalm * it has helped me improve my strategic thinking and planning (...mostly in my daily life), visualization and problem solving.

This sounds a tad hyperbolic but I believe that Chess has helped me so much!!


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