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edited etiquette on Chess.com?

edited etiquette on Chess.com?

Jun 26, 2011, 3:58 PM 2

My one disappointment playing chess on line is the lack of communication between contestants.  I have never played much chess in the real world, but play here a fair amount.  And I've played other sports and contests of various kinds in the physical realm.  In every type of match I've ever played from tennis to softball to bicycle racing, the participants always give each other a greeting at the beginning of the match and a handshake or congratulations at the end. 

So what's up here?  Does cyberworld anonymity allow people to disregard common courtesy?  Is it so hard to type in a couple of letters in the chatbox?  Or must we move on to the next game at warp speed? 

And there have been times when I've beaten someone or come to a draw with a better player and been hit with "what a crap game."   Then there's the "FU guys."  I mean, come on.  How does this help chess.com (or the world at large) be a better place? 

And don't forget the folks who decide not to resign and continue to waste other people's time on a regular basis, like the last guy I played.  Admit you got whipped, resign, and move on.  I'll never get that one.  Especially from an unnamed old guy from Serbia who should know better...Abandoned children, perhaps?  I feel like these guys need a more severe reprimand, or a time limit to the time wasting.  2 minutes gives even a wannabe like me time to make up my mind in a 10 minute game.  How about a 2 minute limit?

I always appreciate it when someone says "GG" (even when I sucked...).  I try to say the same, or more than "good game" if the game was particularly enthralling.  I've made a few chess friends that way.  It's common courtesy, and it creates goodwill amongst folks who play this game.  To all of those who are courteous and kind here--the would be many or most--a big thank you.  To those who insist on being hostile, try a little kindness; everyone will benefit!

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