Cozio Defence... Gone Bad!!


I would like to share with you a funny story that happened to me the other day... It might happen to you and yes it is related to chess...

I was wondering down the lunch room at work when I saw some of my colleagues playing chess...  The guy playing black (lets call him Bill for now) finished off the game after white blundered countlessly... He instantly started praising himself and his strong system (typical amateur beating an innocent amateur... anyways he didn't know that he was playing the cozio defence...). I could see the disgusted looks on the faces of some of my colleagues who clearly hoped bill would lose the game.

Bill is not someone people like very much around the office... In his usual way, talking down to people, he asked me if I know how to play. He was not very happy that I made some comments during the game. I was hesitant at first, because I needed to go for lunch and had lots of work... but seeing the board and pieces starring at me I couldn't resist... and besides that... I thought I ought to teach him a lesson.

I will cut this short game at the critical juncture and present the rest in two puzzles:

There are two good continuations after b4? what would you play?

continuation # 1

Black does not obviously play the best replies here but anyways hope you enjoyed the puzzle... It was fun having the office mates rooting for me. Poor Bill... He was not very happy, a bit surprised... He offered me a rematch right away which I politely declined...
I have included another possible continuation... the more accurate one using fritz... Apparently black can defend mate against 13.  but he would still be behind... Here is the alternative:
Continuation # 2