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Trinidad and tobago Nationals 2017 tournament report.- 1st half

Oct 29, 2017, 11:22 AM 0

Thus we begin the sequence of game of varying quality which resulted in a disastrous tournament finish.

This already marked a shaky start. While the game result was satisfactory there were far too many errors to be happy.



This game did not cause me undue stress at the time but it marked a problem which continue throughout the tournament.

I was feeling much better after this game as my evaluation and courage seemed to have occurred in hindsight however I was still playing rather innacurately.

After that awful game I lost much of my confidence in my play and that continued to echo throughout conequent rounds. The game showed a clear issue of resigning internally much too easily.




At this point in the tournament I was already internally rather defeated. This is rediculous. While I can place blame on my relative lack of tournament experience it is unforgiveable to be so mentally weak.

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