4000 game winning streak???????

4000 game winning streak???????

Dec 4, 2012, 6:02 AM |

It is the year 1956. I am age 15 and standing in a very large room--it is me and more than 30 teachers! We had all been hired for a summer job. The teachers would be supervisors for play areas each near a large school in Decatur Illinois.  I would be the chess instructor and visit 3 schools each day. What made me very happy was that I was to receive the exact same pay as the teachers! The sum of $1.00 an hour! Now you may not think this is much but remember this was in 1956 dollars and now is equivalent to around $9.00 per hour.  

At the time I had worked mowing lawns and had purchased a motor scooter. And back then it was legal to drive/ride a motor scooter at age 15 even though you could not drive a car until age 16.

I remember driving  around to the various sites and sometimes I drove through hostile neighborhoods where kids threw rocks at me.

One time a couple of large kids got in the middle of the street and tried to block my way and I barely got around them. But for the most part--really enjoyed that motor scooter!

When I arrived at the first school I was surprised to see about ten kids sitting at a table with the chess sets out and they wanted me to do a simul--play them all at once. I did this and each time a kid would lose he would set up another game or another kid would take his place.  This happened at every stop--3 a day! 

And I did not lose or draw--every day all wins. I lost my queen a couple of times and still won! Back then all the kids were novices at chess.  Except for one kid. He was blind but he was pretty good. But I still won from him.  I decided to make a new chess board for him with each square raised up as he played by feeling the chess pieces.

I played him a game using the new chess board and found it was hard for me to play because of the raised sides to each square. I hung my queen and decided to resign to this particular kid--this was the half way during my summer job. After that I won all my games for the rest of the summer.

The next summer I had the same employment and the same senario except this time I was determined to win all my games. I did manage to win all my games without a single loss or draw.

For a very conservative estimate--after the one loss to the blind kid I won more than 4,000 games in a row without a loss or draw and I played maybe 300 kids doing this.  Maybe some kind of record?

Of course this can never be verified and back then chess was in its infancy for most kids [they were ages 5 to 12] and there just were not any players except for novices [exception the blind kid]

During the period between summers I did not play chess except for a few games with my brother which I always won and I started postal chess but no game completed.  Guess, I really wanted to extend my winning streak?