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One of my hobbies is trying to set either USA or World records.

I have several official and not official.  This is the story of how I won 4000 chess games in a row without loss or draw.

I am age 15 and standing in a very large room surrounded by Public School Teachers! They had been hired to be play area supervisors for various areas in and around Decatur Illinois. This was for the summer months of June, July, and August.

They hired me to be Chess Instructor for the whole summer program!  And I would receive the same pay as the school teachers!

[this was in 1956]

There were about 32 such areas and I was to travel to 2 or 3 such areas a day to teach and play chess. I had my own motor scooter which I had paid for by mowing lawns. [ in some areas kids threw rocks at me as I drove past] 

Back then if you were 15 you could not drive a car but you could drive a motor scooter!

At the first recreation area there was a couple of tables lined up with maybe ten school kids with their chess sets out. They wanted me to do a simul!  I did this. When a game was over a new kid would play or the loser would just start another game.  

This happened at all the recreation areas kids lined up and I  was to  play all of them at once.  There was some teaching but mostly playing. 

The first month I won all my games without a draw or loss. Maybe 70 games a day times about 21 days or maybe more than 1400 games.

There was one kid who was better than the others. But he was blind and would used his hands to feel the pieces.  I decided to give him a gift.  I took a very nice chess board and somehow raised the sides of he squares. This was very difficult and it took several weeks to to it.

The kids was quite delighted with my gift. It really helped him.

But on the other hand it was hard for his opponents to see all the pieces.  I had played him before and won. I  always played him separately from the simuls.  This time he forked my queen. Now I had lost my queen before in those simuls but manage to win anyway.

But with this kid I resigned.  My first and only loss for that year.

Played two more months winning all my games.

I was Chess Instuctor for one more summer when I was age 16.

I was determined to extend my winning streak from the summer before. Thus during the months of June, July, and August 1957 I won all my games without loss or draw!  This was 5000 to 6000 games but I will take the conservative estimate of winning 4000 games in a row without loss or draw!

The kids were age range from about 8 years old to 13 years old.

Someone said I played easy players which is true but that was my employment. However not even a master would have the fortitude to win 4000 games in a row!  [really don't know how I did it except I was damned determined!]