Books written or coauthored 3 and 1/3

Dec 4, 2012, 5:36 AM |

I worked for years on a book called Ponziani Power. It took years as there was very little theory and I had to make up part of the theory myself. This book was not much of a success.

Also, I coauthored a book with Alex Dunne, Scandinavian Uprising. This book was mainly about this variation in the Center Counter/Scandinavian  1. e4  d5  2. exd5 Qxd5 3. Nc3  Qa5.

When this book was written the Center Counter was out of favor and I like to think that my little book and contributions to theory help to rehabilitate this opening.  In contrast to Ponziani Power, I managed to write down my part of the book in a 24 hour period and the book sold out quickly. Alex Dunne was great with the commentary.

My latest effort is Play the Ponziani which is coauthored with Keith Hayward.  I used much of the theory I had accumulated over the years and Keith and I added some of the latest games and theory.

There came a point regarding our effort for this new book where I became so completely disabled that I was not able to help finish the book  Thus Keith had to do almost all the narrative for the whole book and also added some theory.  I feel badly about this because at that point he was doing all the work and I was doing none. 

Nevertheless the book was picked up by Everyman Chess and can be bought at Amazon and other places. There are many favorable reviews on this book.

Now I will go into a murky subject. At one point I had a very good idea for a chess book which had not been tried before. I started working on this book and idea but after it was about 1/3 done--again I became disabled and could not go on.  However I did not want my ideas and work on this book to go to waste.

There are many authors of various chess books. I decided to contact one of them and let him have all my work on the book and to take the idea and work and to finish what I had started. I did not ask for any payment for this, I would just be glad to see the book published.

He took up my offer and I did not hear from him again.  Then I noticed the book had been published and it was selling well and sold out. The new author had not even told me he had finished the book and it was now selling.  I purchased a copy of the book and noticed many of my contributions to the book were changed in a way to look like he made the contributions.  Also my very best contribution he changed to something I had done previously and not what I wanted to contribute [which was much better]  

Now it is my own fault that this happened but I would have been happy/satisfied if the new, "sole", author of the book would have at least thanked me for my contributations to this book.  I was never interested in the money and really while this person was somewhat disengenuous -- I only hold a tiny grudge against him and have learned a small lesson myself.

By the way my purpose of this story is not to humilate anyone so I will never give the name of the person who finished my ideas for a new chess book...

Just a true and unusual chess story...