Follow Up On Kings Gambit

Follow Up On Kings Gambit

Jan 26, 2014, 3:03 AM |

If you read my earlier blog I have challenged various good players to a test of the Kings Gambit.  This is a 9 game test and it is "Centaur Chess"

Centaur Chess is simply correspodence chess where chess engines are allowed and encouraged.It could be considered the highest form of chess because it is humans and chess engines combined and a good Centaur Player will make the best of both.  In Centaur Chess at the highest levels about 90% of the games are drawna nd White wins about 6 1/2 percent and Black wins about 3 1/2 percent.

So, hard to win with Black in Centaur Chess.

There is a book by John Snow which has been recently published.

It could be considered the "bible" of the Kings Gambit. More than 650 pages and years in the making. It is the best book on any opening I have ever read.  I bought the book about 6 weeks ago.

My mission was to pour over that book and find the best lines for Black.  All lines, at best, led to an equal game except I found a line or two or three where the evaluation was not correct and thus, methinks I have found the very best way or ways to play against the Kings Gambit.  So far in this 9 game match [where I am playing Black against the Kings Gambit] my score is 5 wins and no losses or draws.

So here is some of my advice re playing against the Kings Gambit. Nobody has to take my advice but I am not a bad correpondence player with a rating [inactive] of over 2500.

Against the Kings Gambit always accept and take the pawn.

1. e4  e5  2. f4  exf4  take the pawn!  You can play instead

1. e4  e5  2. f4  d5 but that only leads to any equal game! You want a little bit more!

Now Also do Not play the Fischer Defense. It only equalizes-you want more!

Here is one of the main variation often played. This has been played tens of thousands of times: