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Dec 25, 2013, 10:59 AM 6

Maybe about 40 some years ago I made an arrangement to visit Stateville Prison near Joliet Illinois. It was a unique experience being led through all the locked doors with doors I had been through securely locked behind me. Stateville is a very stark place.

I was to play a simultaneous vs the prisoners there. They had some kind of a chess club.  Now these prisoners have all the time in the world and can get to be very good chess players.

There were 14 for the simul. I was talking to them and they were very friendly. They wanted to know who they were playing?  They looked up my USCF rating and discovered I was an expert. This really impressed them!  So we started playing and quickly I won a couple of games.  And then I won a third game but was having problems in some of the remaining games. Then I lost a game!  Never before had I lost a game in a simul. 

My final result was 9 wins 3 losses and 2 draws. After the simul there was time to play skittles and to talk more with the prisoners.

After that I wanted to come back but there was a crackdown at that prison and I was not allowed to come back.

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