Dec 24, 2013, 11:35 AM |

i live in Kankakee Illinois where there not a lot of chess.

However about 20 years ago the local YMCA started a chess club.

I was there once but nobody was interested in playing me.

They had a Club Championship one year and this 17 year old kid won the championship. Not only that but he beat every player in the Championship--something like wins against 9 players.

He contacted me. He was quite proud of himself and much too cocky.

He had heard I was a good chess player and he wanted to play me [and maybe beat me.]  I told him "yes" but under certain conditions.

He would come to my house every  Saturday and we would play a timed game with a clock.  I would provide the drinks and refreshments and a pleasant area to play in.  We would play a ten game match over 10  Saturdays..


I won the first three games but a couple were hard fought,

Then I won the the fourth, fifth and sixth games. 

Should I let him win one of the games???  NAH I won won the 7th, 8th, and 9th games. He showed up for the tenth game and I won again.  

After that last game, I never heard from him again...