An interesting exchange sac for passed pawns

Jun 5, 2010, 6:07 PM |

This is a slightly blunderous game, but nonetheless instructive from the purview of the value of passed pawns in the endgame. I play black again as xombie, opponent's name withheld. The opening is a QGD exchangesque formation, with the notable difference that the white LSB is on g2 instead of being on d3 or e2. I was aiming for blockade (or control, rather of c4 with my light bishop and knight, which restrained the central pawn advance. I believed that the long term game was favorable to me. However, it turned out that I had overlooked a few tactical details allowing the loss of a pawn (which, fortunately, my opponent did not see). I managed to get some semblance of restraint control, and the game was balanced (albeit, tenuously). He got a fantastic bishop outpost on e4. However, he allowed the queen trade, following which I was able to grab the a pawn giving me a passer, but leading to an uncomfortably trapped bishop. I then managed to execute a rather interesting exchange sac to give me three passed pawns, leading to a straight forward victory.