Day 5

Feb 7, 2010, 6:01 AM |

Victory no. 2. A sweet revenge denied. One of the two baits I took was counter productive for my opponent! YEY!! Probably dumb luck I guess. 4 more games to do as of today! Interestingly poised. I still feel I have a chance in couple of em. Keeping my fingers crossed for that. at the end of these matches, my average would not look so bad after all! :)

One match I wish I dont win. Am playing with my dear friend from college. The same guy who got me on to this site. We had our version of chess tournament in college. An interesting variation of table tennis double's match and chess. My buddy and me used to partner against the other popular doubles chess team in college. Yes - Doubles Chess match. Similar to table tennis, we used to take turns alternatively to play the match without discussing any strategy or moves during the match. It used to be a marathon match and based purely on mutual chemistry and understanding of each other's moves. Needless to say, we remained undefeated in college. Now we face each other. Interesting! The match is evenly poised and I already see his moves are more sharp than it used to be more than a decade back when we both were in college. I have a lot of catching up to do. Keeping my fingers crossed again!

Learnt something abt points system. Earned only 39 points out of my second match after getting 71 from the first. I realised how important it is to see what you gain out of the match before starting the match. Will be careful the next time around! :)