Sep 1, 2009, 8:42 AM |

ok i have tons of friends but only a few true friends and if u read my profile i updated it and what it says is:

i have tons of friends its really easy for me to make friends with people but frankly idk who is and who isnt my friends. I hear soooooo much crap right now bout them and if u think ur my true friend then prove it. if u cant dont waste my time.i know only a few who are my true friends that would be taylor nolen, lyshia howard, mary light, aly t,lizzy kiger, and amber kasper. other than them if u think u shud be on this list then prove to me ur a friend!:/

so i wanna know other than those few people i listed and not sure who is my real friends cuz i honestly dont know...i usually dont hate people as truely thats not who i am but seriously this crap i heard made me cry last night plus i have the swine flu so prove to me who is my true friends and who arent