Club K.O Tournament - A WIN!! :)

Today I played the rematch against the same opponent as 2 weeks ago, I knew I was playing 1.b3 the Nimzo-Larsen attack, I took him out of his comfort zone and eventually won a pawn, then the endgame was pretty amazing!! It would have been a draw, but I played an epic waiting move, looking dumb, then it was a simple matter of accurate endgame technique to find the win. Ended up saccing 3 pawns just to get my passed pawn!! Cool



As you can probably tell I'm very pleased with this game, I'm sure I'm playing at 120 ECF+ (1610+ FIDE) level now, I've just gotta carry on being consistent. Bring on the quarter-final match!! Smile


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    @mapearson1990 - thanks for the comment, the Nimzo-Larsen attack is definately a potent weapon if you know the opening theory well, it's proven to get me easy draws against players rated over 130 ECF (1690+ FIDE) and now I'm starting to win lots with it! Cool

    I already posted the link on the 1.b3 group page (I'm a member, obviously Wink), that was the first page I pasted the link to lol! You should drop me a 1.b3 challenge - 2 games, one game as white each!

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    Good game man! Excellent use of the Nimzo-Larssen. This is one of my pet openings as well so was pleased to see you play it so well. I think this is worth posting in the group 1.b3 - Nimzo Larsen Attack

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    @Cruiseylee78 - if 43...g5! then I would have just taken it 44.hxg5, I need to look at this through Houdini now I've finished my own analysis', I gotta see my blunder lol! Laughing

    ...(edit) - Yep, just ran it through Houdini and looked at the game OMG!? +9.97 to drawing in 1 move!? I'll NEVER miss that again lol, cheers Cruisey Wink

  • 4 years ago


    43. Ke5! was a blunder lol, he missed draw with 44 g5!! ;)  but he missed it so well done lol. But instead of Ke5 you needed e5! 1 pawn getting thru. Interesting end game ;) What would you have played if he played g5?

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