Club K.O Tournament - A WIN!! :)

Oct 15, 2012, 5:40 PM |

Today I played the rematch against the same opponent as 2 weeks ago, I knew I was playing 1.b3 the Nimzo-Larsen attack, I took him out of his comfort zone and eventually won a pawn, then the endgame was pretty amazing!! It would have been a draw, but I played an epic waiting move, looking dumb, then it was a simple matter of accurate endgame technique to find the win. Ended up saccing 3 pawns just to get my passed pawn!! Cool



As you can probably tell I'm very pleased with this game, I'm sure I'm playing at 120 ECF+ (1610+ FIDE) level now, I've just gotta carry on being consistent. Bring on the quarter-final match!! Smile