Club K.O Tournament - Round 1

Sep 24, 2012, 5:01 PM |

This is my first rated game of the new season, I played against our second team's board 1 player, rated 127 ECF (1666). After selecting the black pieces, this is what happened...


As you can see the middlegame got a bit ugly after I blundered because of a big miscalculation, but saved it with a brilliant exchange sac to set up the fortress! My opponent had nothing better than to repeat moves or lose material and my 4 queenside pawns should have been enough to win with accurate play if my opponent didn't repeat moves and push on with 38.g4 or something like that.

Although my opponent was "only" rated 127, he was rated just under 140 only last season so a draw with the black pieces is a good result for me!

As the game ended in a draw, we must play again with reversed colours so I get another crack at the whip but with the white pieces, in theory I should win that game - I played him again after with white in a friendly and won with a Nimzo-Larsen attack, I might just play that against him again - he won't expect it twice in a row Wink