Game 11 for my Club - my 6th WIN!! :)

Mar 8, 2012, 5:13 PM |

Today, Thursday 8th March 2012, I gained my second consecutive win with the white pieces - a devestating rook sacrifice killed the game! Then it was down to endgame technique to convert and checkmate my opponent... our opponents were Oxford University's 2nd team and overall they beat us 4-2 I think, but it was nice to gain the point anyway!

Fresh out of a hospital admission, not feeling too fresh lol, I had the cards stacked against me for this game, I faced off against another 110 ECF-rated player so I knew I had to work for the win, and just to make things tougher, he played a King's Indian defence against my 1.d4 and until today, have never won a rated game against a King's Indian, so I used this opportunity to play a 4-pawns' attack and gain a huge chunk of space, be aggressive and play to win!

So the rook sacrifice on move 37 was devestating, he had to accept it and make me prove the sacrifice, and 11 moves later finished him off checkmating with 2 queens - well happy!! Laughing

Also I have been told I could now start playing for the first team as a reserve because of my recent good form, IĀ could be playing my first match for the first team as soon as Monday 12th in 4 days time... Cool

I'm steadily improving - watch this space... Wink