Game 13 for my Club - my 4th LOSS!? :/

Mar 21, 2012, 6:11 PM |

Today, 21st March 2012 I played my 13th game for Didcot Chess Club, for the second time this season I was up on board 4, and we were playing the team at the top of our Division... "Cumnor 1" were our opponents and they fielded a very strong team.

When I played the following game of chess, I asked my opponent his rating/grade and he said he didn't know it... so I assumed I was up against another 110 ECF graded (1530 FIDE) opponent at least... it was only after the game and I got home I found out his real grade... 128 ECF (1674 FIDE) !!

So do the maths... I was in for a very tough game and didn't realize the true extent of it... this was my highest-rated opponent I've played in any of my 13 club games - I thought I could even have had winning chances at one point... but somewhere I made mistakes and he picked up on them... this game was my 4th loss of the season.

Please note I have yet to run this game through Houdini (a task for tomorrow) but I feel that I played a strong game and my analysis is accurate, but was clearly outclassed - and there's no shame losing to a stronger player Wink

So, I tried hanging on for dear life but as soon as it was clear that the rook was going to completely dominate over the bishop, I done the decent thing and resigned.

My record is now 7 wins / 4 losses / 2 draws which isn't that bad Smile