Game 16 for my Club - my 6th LOSS?!

Apr 25, 2012, 4:56 PM |

On Monday 23rd April I played my third game for Didcot 1 - the first team... so far I had a 2/2 win record and was planning on finishing the season with 3/3 but this desire to win and also not lose 3 rated games in a row affected my better judgement - I got greedy...

All I can say is that I should have accepted the draw, but I didn't know my opponents rating and thought I was playing a much weaker opponent. Again this thought process isn't right I should have played the position not the rating.

I was offered a draw on move 26 but I THOUGHT I had the initiative, enough to provoke a weakness but as you will see that simply wasn't the case...


3 losses in a row... I had to go home and do some serious thinking before my final game which I played yesterday... Wink