Game no.6 for the Second Team - First Loss of the Season...

Today I lost my first rated otb game since July... to a weaker opponent... but I was well overdue a loss anyway can't win 'em all right!? Wink

My opponent though does go to a £10,000 a term private school with a GM as his weekly coach so although lower rated, he knew his stuff... he was also my very first otb rated opponent as an adult back in September 2011... that game was a draw, I'm sure if I had a GM as a coach I'd be better than I am now Tongue Out (lol)

It started well, I got a slight middlegame advantage and lost the endgame when I should have took perpetual check... that's 2 games in a row now I was technically winning but "fluffed it" because of my lack of King safety. I fully take the blame for this disaster lol, but that's life I guess! Laughing



Now serious changes need to be made before Kidlington u145's next month... that congress will be my next 5 rated games Smile


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    Thanks for the comments Lee - you have some good points especially about the end of the game... but move 15.c3?! I gave an inaccuracy, not a mistake (?), and explained that I thought I should have taken on f8 first as his other rook comes into the game with tempo on my queen.

    I did actually make a mess of this game though overall, my play wasn't nowhere near my usual standard, and out of my 22 rated games this season so far this I class as my only bad result - not my only loss but my only bad result as a) I should have beat this guy and b) my other losses are to higher-graded players.

    I reckon I was just rusty lol because of recovering from the new year's antics still Tongue OutLaughing

    Yeah that 47.Kh3?? an absolutely terrible move, probably the worst move I've ever made in a rated game lol, apart from giving Fraser a free rook back in Feb 2012 Kidlington u120's! Round 5 though lol.

    Thanks for having a look and commenting, yeah I was happy with the opening and if I play him again next season I will be looking for a win obviously but in our 2 encounters so far he drew against me in our first game, that was my first rated game since childhood too lol, clawed back in a worse rook endgame, and this game, yeah, just rusty because of the new year lol Wink

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    Hi Mate, ok starting with this one I will try and get thru a few of your blogs a day till im up to date lol. Got Pc back on for good I hope now and have my keyboard so can type easy etc. 15. c3 was actually Ace move, not sure why you put ? As you dont explain? Move 16 I think re taking with the Bishop would of been better to stop him getting tempo on the Queen but in saying that you could of played Bf3 instead of Qc1.

    And yeah 17 Qc1 defo wrong idea. Maybe Qe1, as Qc1 just blocks your b2 Bishop and getting that to c1 should of been the idea. Hes 18 Bf4?? Is actually a !! A great move due to strengthening the e5 sqaure and maybe some h2 threats later.  Hes g5 was bad move and yeah you should of maybe won from that position. I think missing 23 e5 was a mistake as it opens your bishop, threatens to mess hes pawns up and stops him playing e5 himself and keeping hes e6 pawn really weak.

    And 25. Bxg4 was prob a wrong idea due to what it done to your pawn structure and the threats it gives him v your kind, also losing your bishop for that knight is a blow. But after he took Knight with Queen your defo winnig I think. I think 27 Rd1 would of been strong also rather than Re1. And yeah just missing 35 h3 is a shame lol. Should of been a win really as your end game and better rook is just over. And yeah 40 Ra8? is where the game is now even and he has chances again. And yeah once u get king trapped on h3 its over lol.


    But you played well in opening and even in the end game and had the win a few times. I am sure after more exp you will play much better in the end games and put chumps away  ;)

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    This area is poor for otb tournaments unless you have a car, loads of money and all the free time in the world... yeah I'm putting my money where my mouth is this year and entering the first u145 I'll have been in... this is my first tournament since Worcester too lol but club games and online prep should see me alright I think... 

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    No problem - it was an interesting endgame, so I wanted to try and get to the root of it! Also my analysis was largely meant as what could happen - if Black finds 56...Rg8 among other moves he still wins, it was just another try!

    I wish I was playing at Kidlington but unfortunately I will be back at uni by then (unfortunately for my chess, I don't go to Oxford lol!) And unfortunately it looks like I will be working in a different part of the country at the same time as Worcester this year Yell these congresses are always on at the wrong times! In fact, I haven't made it to a tournament since Worcester! It will definitely be good to meet you properly, and it will happen at some point! Do you know if there are any tournaments nearby in late March? That's the next time I'm back!

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    Thanks for the comments -waller- Cool - thanks for taking the time to write back such a detailed analysis, and the endgame scenaio that you posted was great - I forgot that 3 passers beats a rook lol, I'll run it through Houdini later but your analysis looks spot on. Much appreciated!

    Are you playing in Kidlington in 3 weeks time? My new grade will be 124 ECF (1642 FIDE) I've calculated so I'm in the u145's - even though I could probably try and nip in the u120's as officially I'm 116 (1578) until the end of the month, I want a challenge! Wink

    It would be good to meet you properly and chat, can't believe we both played at Worcester in the same section - I'm playing the same section again this year... you'll probably be in the major's though (u160's) won't you?...

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    These kids and their coaches ... In my opinion nothing beats learning the game for yourself! (Although, probably I would consider a coach if I had any money!)

    Anyway, I'll start my comments from Move 33, where you say it's surely won: My assessment is that if anyone can win this game, it is White, although there is work to do.

    33...Rg4 is not great in my opinion. Then, the pressure on the e-pawn can easily be lifted with 35.h3 Rg5 35.Rd2 - getting your rook active is first priority in a rook endgame!

    35.h4 - As I see it, you played this to keep his king out of g5. Well, it does do this, but it doesn't trap his rook as his king just moves, and it weakens g4, plus, it closes up the kingside and removes a possible break for you. I don't think this move is necessary - instead, maybe 35.h3 kicking his rook followed by Rd2 getting yours active is what I would have played. Also, if you wanted to play h4, categorically better is 35.h3 Rg5 36.h4 Rg4 37.Kf3 where you have gained a move!

    Then you get your rook active, which is the only chance. He finds the nice idea of 38...Rf7+ and 39...Rg7, getting active himself. I probably would have played 39.Kg2 - since my advantage lies on the kingside, I want to keep these pawns. The g3 pawn especially seems crucial.

    40.Rh8 is much better than Ra8?? as you pointed out! He gets your g3 pawn and then picks up h4 as well. After 40.Ra8 Black is now the one with the winning chances since he has an outside passed pawn!

    That said, at move 44 I think it should still be a draw.

    47.Kh3 isn't great as you said you should have repeated. You needed to try 48.Rb8 trying to deal with the passed pawn although I think it still loses.

    51.Re8 is, in my opinion, a better try than the trap a5, although it's still unlikely to win, this could happen! 

    Overall, not a bad game, your massive mistake was of course move 40 which completely turned the game!

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