Game no.6 for the Second Team - First Loss of the Season...

Jan 9, 2013, 5:45 PM |

Today I lost my first rated otb game since July... to a weaker opponent... but I was well overdue a loss anyway can't win 'em all right!? Wink

My opponent though does go to a £10,000 a term private school with a GM as his weekly coach so although lower rated, he knew his stuff... he was also my very first otb rated opponent as an adult back in September 2011... that game was a draw, I'm sure if I had a GM as a coach I'd be better than I am now Tongue Out (lol)

It started well, I got a slight middlegame advantage and lost the endgame when I should have took perpetual check... that's 2 games in a row now I was technically winning but "fluffed it" because of my lack of King safety. I fully take the blame for this disaster lol, but that's life I guess! Laughing



Now serious changes need to be made before Kidlington u145's next month... that congress will be my next 5 rated games Smile