My 12th Club Match - my 7th WIN!! :)

Mar 13, 2012, 11:18 AM |

Yesterday, 12th March 2012 I didn't only play with the black pieces and win, I played my first game for the First Team and won!! :) This means having already secured spots on boards 4+5 on the Second Team successfully, I now am a reserve player for the First Team which means I'm moving up the ladder very quickly!!

But - it almost went horribly wrong... I was 3 pawns up and I blundered a WHOLE ROOK, captured with check and suddenly I was down... but once again, my endgame skill secured a victory over my ungraded opponent... Smile

So as you can see it was a lively game, I had the upper-hand for a long time, loads of little inaccuracies by my opponent allowed me to gain a moderate advantage, then just 1 blunder gave him a moderate advantage...

This is my 3rd consecutive win for Didcot Chess Club, so out of 12 games I have gained 8 points - 7 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws which is a good record considering it is my first season!

To make the whole thing EVEN SWEETER - we beat Cowley's Third Team 6-0 !! Yes - 6-0 !! Everyone from my team won their games and we got our first clean sweep of the season - not bad considering there was 3 Second Team players amongst our team! Cool