My 13th Game of the 2013/14 Season - Unlucky 13, a Loss...

Jan 22, 2014, 8:04 PM |

Played last week on Wednesday 15th, it was gonna happen sooner or later, this is my first loss of the season. I was too eager to win it and not trade everything off into a dull draw which my opponent was doing, EVERY opportunity move he was exchanging, I was getting well annoyed there was very little tension left in the position and I ended up going for an unsound tactic to unbalance the game and give SOMEONE a chance to win.

I messed up, almost got a stalemate though lol, I played it out to 1 move before checkmate, no way was I giving someone who was exchanging pieces so early on for no reason the satisfaction. I wanted a game of chess, not a game of swap-a-rooski, or knight, or bishop.



So my first otb loss with 1.b3 in a very long time too, broke my 15-game unbeaten streak, I needed to seriously regroup my chess now, I can't blame this loss on the fact I'm on antibiotics that are actually affecting my concentration because it was my choice to make the unsound tactical move. I could have easily drawn this if I wanted, but I mentally needed to go all-out and play for the win at whatever cost. And it cost me, but a loss is a loss, I was already mentally ready for my next game and needed to make sure I didn't lose again.

I have played 2 games since - yesterday and today, they're being uploaded now too, sensible questions or comments or advice always welcome.