My 14th Club Match - my 8th WIN!! :)

Mar 28, 2012, 5:45 PM |

Playing for Didcot 1 on board 6 with the white pieces again, I got the best win of my career so far!! My opponent graded 135 ECF (1730 FIDE) on paper outclasses me but after winning a knight with a nice tactic, I went on to gain a collossal material advantage! Cool

Due to very good form at club night on Monday, the captain of the first team asked if I wanted to play for the first team again (this was my second game for them) and I happily said yes - I was expecting to lose but want all the experience I can get...

I obviously opened with 1.d4 as always but I went for a new setup... the game even played out to checkmate - I had an advantage from move 22 and it only grew, my opponent should have resigned when his last outside passed a-pawn fell but continued on hoping that I would mess up I think... no chance of that though Wink

As the game shows, every mistake made by my opponent was taken full advantage of and my style of play was more aggressive than usual, but this has obviously helped my game - beating a 135 is officially my best win ever!! Smile