My 15th Game of the 2013/14 Season - A Draw with the Sicilian!

Jan 23, 2014, 5:19 PM |

Yesterday I played a game on board 5 with the black pieces for my club's first team vs. a 143 ECF (1794 FIDE equ.) player who has been as high as 154 ECF (1882) so this is actually one of my best-ever draws! He had the white pieces and I think he played the English Attack against me I'm not sure, I was actually out of book very early on... but as usual I sac some material to create counter chances Wink

Here's the game, it's my best game since before my loss anyway, I had to spend a lot of the game defending, he was a very attacking player.



So although I sacked the exchange, tactically won it back and ended a pawn up, his LSB was causing lots of pressure and with just 10 minutes on my clock to his 45 minutes, I accepted the draw!! I've had a rough week physically and it's affected my chess, wasn't gonna take chances trying to win that endgame with 10 minutes left. Any constructive feedback/computer analysis is always welcome Cool

As a team we won the match and are top of Division 2!