My 3 Games at the 37th Annual Kidlington Chess Congress

Feb 11, 2014, 5:09 PM |

On the weekend of beginning 1st February 2014 I played in the u145's (u1810 FIDE equ.) Intermediate section of the same tournament I entered last year where I scored 2.5/5 and I was determined to beat that score this year... unfortunately I had been fighting illness leading up to the tournament even missing other commitments and I only ended up playing the 3 games on the Saturday of the tournament and despite still being on course for a prize, I really did have to pull out due to illness on the Sunday and miss the last 2 games. My profile on here will give you a good idea why I had to pull out Undecided BUT - The Saturday was very eventful... Cool

My round 1 match was against a 140 ECF player on paper but his new grade was 149 ECF (1842) and I had no trouble cleaning up this tactical minefield!



As you can see this was a great start to my weekend, full of painkillers, antibiotics and caffeine I was determined to carry on and was mentally playing for 5/5 knowing I was capable. But, once again I got overconfident, well not overconfident actually I played a very careful game but left the board at the wrong moment and forgot all my analysis somehow, pure disaster. I went from being +1 up to -36 down (Houdini 2) in 2 moves. I estimated I was +0.8 up before my (???) blunder and I was just .2 out Smile - at least my analysis skills are improving even if the play is sketchy! So in round 2 this is against a 141 ECF on paper but his January grade is 149 ECF (1842) so yet again another game against someone with a higher-grade than the section suggests... but it was DEFINITELY my fault I lost this one, comedy queen antics included Laughing



I played this out for comedy until I was losing my queen, I could have resigned on move 22 but I tried for some possible slip-up but he was too strong. This didn't knock my confidence, just made me more determined to win in round 3 or at least not take a draw, play it out to a win or loss as a draw would have not got me a podium finish even if I won both games on the Sunday. This was played against a 144 ECF player (1802) and again I had the white pieces...



So all 3 of my games were against players of an 1800+ strength and after me jumping from 122 (1626) to 136 (1738) in just 6 months and finishing with a performance of 163 ECF (1948) I did myself justice on the day! Cool I went home for sleep and hoped for some good games the next day but as I mentioned, even after getting 8 hours sleep I was horrifically sick. I wasn't gonna put my body through that to POSSIBLY share =3rd place (if I won both my games - which I wouldn't have done as my head was pounding like I'd been hit with a sledgehammer or been in a 3-round Taekwondo sparring match)

But I'm not gonna lie, I was gutted how ill I felt when I got up Sunday morning, actually gutted. Potential =3rd place and team prize money missed out on but although gutted, no regrets as my physical health will ALWAYS be my #1 priority.

Please feel free to make constructive comments on any of the games Smile - It was nice that as usual 1.b3! worked its magic Wink Cool